Meaning ‘Nomad’ in the native language of Tupi Guarani, Goitaca symbolizes a new genre of travel, one built with the modern traveler in mind. With locally-rooted and experience-driven stays in homes intentionally designed, fully equipped, and remote-work ready, we shift the role of hospitality in the world. Bringing the comfort of a hotel with the privacy of a home, our residences and customized care provide unique experiences for our guests.

Behind Goitaca stands a small and dedicated local team who take pride in going the extra mile to ensure our guests live a comfortable, authentic, and unforgettable Rio story. The well-being and satisfaction of our guests are our utmost focus, collecting feedback over the years to continue improving the quality and depth of our guests’ experience. Working together since 2011, we have welcomed over 2,000 guests to our properties and have learned and grown thanks to them.

We believe in delivering hospitality that is remarkable but also accessible. Our homes have been designed and developed by our team, and are now entirely operated by us, allowing us to provide unique, personalized stays at a fraction of the cost, then pass those savings back to our guests.


+55 21 99725-1525


+55 21 99725-1525

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